Preparation – Meeting Details

Lisa Copeland One Sheet

Link for Lisa Copeland One Sheet 2017 (pdf)

Room Setup and AV

Copeland Room Set-Up Request

Link for Room Setup


Raised platform (approximately 8′x8′) if audience exceeds 65 people. If you have the option, Lisa has found it more effective if the platform is as close to the front row as possible, preferably between 5-10 feet.


  • 1 wireless lavaliere microphone
  • Sound output from computer


  • 1 high intensity LCD projector compatible with 1024 X 768 resolution
  • 1 VGA cable to connect computer to LCD projector
  • 1 projection screen set to speaker’s left
  • Paper easel with colored markers

Media Photo

The following photo can be utilized for promotional materials.

Lisa Copeland








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