Lisa works with organizations to transform communication chaos to profit, performance and productivity


Every Conversation Has a Consequence:
Miscommunication Costs You Money Every Day

  • Master consistent, predictable communication that will produce desired productivity, revenue, and profit goals


Improved Communication Directly Relates to Better Business:
7 Tips To Boost Company Productivity

Increase your performance and productivity by applying the seven iRONMAN Principles of Business Communication.

  • Utilize presentation tools that catapult your team into profitable action
  • Elevate your presence and ability to influence others
  • Learn the secret to creating a positive first impression
  • Change your language to close deals and deliver results to the bottom line

Generational Friction Decreases Your Company Productivity Every Day:  Discover Your Teams’ Super Powers

  • Resolve the true source of generational conflict
  • Increase your employee engagement and commitment
  • Learn to avoid generational stereotypes and labels
  • Increase employee engagement and commitment by recognizing generational needs

See Lisa in Action – iRONMAN Principles of Business Communication


See Lisa in Action – Generational Friction Factors